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My name is Jesse Maschmeyer and I really care about your instrument.  Whether your violin, viola, or cello needs adjustment or repair, I can help.  If  you are looking for a new instrument to showcase your talent, you can choose from a collection of restored antique instruments, as well as newly created concert violins made by me here in San Francisco. Please see Notable Inventory.

Through varied experience and discipline, I have had the opportunity to work with some very fine players.  This has sharpened my ability to listen.  I can help with your instrument needs to serve your dreams and goals as a musician.

We have violins, violas, cellos, and bows in every price level and give the same customer care to every level of musician from beginner to performing artists. 

Our luxury atelier is located at 512 Van Ness Street, up and across from the Louise M. Davies Symphony Hall, the SF Opera, Ballet, and blocks away from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

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Phone: (415) 871-5013  

A Destination for Fine Instruments and Collectibles

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, we are familiar with the world's finest antique instruments. Drawing on our extensive contact list, we will find a one-of-the-kind piece that will enhance your peformance experience. Contact us to discuss your unique needs.

Restoration and Repairs

Profesionally performed repairs add to the life of your instrument and enhance its beauty and sound. Jesse Maschmeyer has over twenty years of experience performing repairs, tonal adjustments and restoration. While your instrument is in the shop, we can often provide you with a loaner instrument, just ask us for more details.

New Instruments

We offer a variety of instrument models inspired by the great Old World Masters of violinmaking. Jesse is skilled at creating replicas of classic models by masters Stradivari & Guarneri, and has studied the latest knowledge pertaining to advanced violin physic acoustics.  Our objective is to meet individual players' needs and tonal preferences in an instrument.

After four years of researching and testing ancient recipes, Jesse has developed a unique Baltic amber varnish that recaptures the glow achieved by Renaissance masters. Even when dry, his vibrant varnish retains its transparency and unique depth.