Jesse's Workshop

Step into Jesse Maschmeyer's workshop and you may feel you're traveling back in time to the golden age of violinmaking. It's a space much like the one Stradivari himself might have labored in: carving tools and paint brushes strewn across a desk, the air ripe with the smell of amber varnish and fresh wood. With twenty years of experience, artisan Jesse Maschmeyer offers repair, restoration and finely crafted new violins, violas and cellos created in the spirit of the classical Italian masters. Offering only the finest materials and a wide variety of models ensures that we consistently meet the demands of the most discerning musicians. 

Whether you're in need of restoration for a historical instrument or repair and maintenance of your own violin, Jesse will spend the time needed to ensure you're satisfied with his work. We are available exclusively by appointment and can be reached at (415) 871-5013